Analytics Bussiness Intelligence

Analytics Bussiness Intelligence

A nalytics BI is the business intelligence solution supports better investment decision making for all institutions, in investment banking especially Portfolio Management Companies and Brokerage Houses, with detailed analysis of wealth and income

Why to choose Analytics BI?

Without any data input, can you have your instant financial analysis?
The data is always updated automatically with Analytics BI, so it always provides actual data for the portfolios that you manage. Without any data input you can find actual asset allocations, gain/loss and return analysis in Analytics BI.
Can you evaluate your portfolios from different financial perspectives?
All financial indicators are available in graphics and they can be evaluated from different perspectives instantly on fund/portfolio or asset basis in Analytics BI.
Can you do financial reporting with actual data?
With Analytics BI solution, asset allocation, gain/loss and return analysis, transaction analysis, market analysis are reported always with actual data. Also, new reports that you need can be developed in a short time.

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