Infleks E-Invoice

Infleks E-Invoice

I nfleks E-Invoice is the electronic invoice solution that provides secure and easy circulation of invoices, compliant to Turkish Revenue Administration standards.

The invoices’ billing in digital environments lowers the cost of saving document and submitting invoice.

Also, Financial Seal is procurable in digital environment with Infleks E-Invoice.

Why to choose Infleks E-Invoice?

Can you track your invoices safety?
With Infleks E-Invoice, all invoices can be created safely in digital environment and sent by e-mail. It prevents the fault costs that the accountants may cause, with its authorization system and incoming online information or warning messages from Revenue Administration.
The invoices can be archived in digital environment.
Do you take any measures to prevent your invoice costs?
Infleks E-Invoice prevents physical archive and print costs. Also, it prevents human errors while billing the invoices according to Turkish Revenue Administration standards.
Does archiving your invoices take time or space?
With Infleks E-Invoice, the invoices can be billed and archived in all digital environment so, there are no needs for a physical environment. Also, the e-invoices can be transferred online to all accounting systems and to all institutions safely and without any cost of physical archiving<.
Does your approval process lead to a time loss?
E-Invoices can be signed online with Financial Seal in digital environment so there is no need to wait for an approval process.

Do you need more information about Infleks?

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