Infleks Trade

Infleks Trade

I Infleks Trade is a fast and effective order management system that connects directly to Brokerage Houses, Portfolio Management Companies and Investment Institutions, to the domestic and international organized markets, to order management systems of different institutions and to Takasbank Turkey Electronic Funds Purchase and Sale Platform.

Why choosing Infleks Trade?

Can you manage your orders in all markets through a single application?
With a fully independent trade system apart from the operation system, you can directly manage your orders through a single application via the Istanbul Stock Exchange, BIST Futures&Option Market and Takasbank Tefas Platform.
You can manage your orders on international stock exchanges, and you can also forward your orders to the relevant stock exchange which will be executed on foreign platforms. Thus, the costs caused by using different operational systems can be eliminated.
Can you provide competitive advantage with fast order delivery?
Infleks Trade transmits the orders to Borsa İstanbul in 3-4 milliseconds from the institutional system and under 1 milisecond in co-location. Due to the high processing speed, it gives you a significant competitive advantage in order transmission. It allows portfolio managers to take and change positions quickly with special functions developed for automatic processing.
Which applications do you use for secure order management?
With Infleks Trade you can monitor trading averages, position spreads, averages and returns in real time. It also provides audit support for multi-branch and multi-institutional companies with broad authority control functions and different identifiable constraints for different markets.
Which applications do you use for fast and effective order transmission?
As part of predefined constraints; it ensures effective single, multiple or basket orders transmission. Moreover it is possible to perform fast order transmission by drag and drop method during operation.
Infleks Trade also includes Risk Measurement and Graphical Performance Analysis modules that perform pre-transaction risk analysis.
Are you able to control your risk and collateral after trading on derivative instruments?
Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk (SPAN), which is used in the Futures and Options Market, enables portfolio-based risk and collateral controls. With the SPAN-Like module based on algorithm, you can make viable risk analysis and constraint definitions at derivative markets, and also monitor collateral balances simultaneously with Takasbank.
Can you manage your orders of the portfolio quickly and effectively?
With its Portfolio Management Module, it enables the portfolio management companies to perform quick and effective order management in also other institutions. Portfolio management companies can execute pre-order parametric control that are subject to defined constraints in the operational system, cash and stock control, real-time position/cash status/constraint tracking and prohibited assets, market or transaction definitions.

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