Infina Services

Infina Services Group provides processed, corrected and formatted data obtained from different sources in raw form for the operational needs of the companies. The data that is provided from trusted sources is served to Portfolio/Fund Management Companies, Brokerage Houses, Pension Companies or Family Offices within the scope of Infina Services.

Data validation from publishing organizations is an additional operational workload for institutions during data flow. Getting the financial data from relevant institutions and serving automatically in specified periods prevents errors which human may cause.

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Standard Service Content

  • Institution Definition and Capital Information
  • Group – Conglomerate Definitions
  • Sectors
  • Securities Definitions
    • Share, Warrant, Fixed Income Securities, Derivatives Market, Eurobond, Mutual Funds
  • Dividends / Capital Increase Definitions
  • Closing / Valuation Prices
  • Exchange Rates
  • Index Values
  • Index Content
  • Details of Mutual Funds

Internal Auditing Content

  • Definition and tracking of legal,constitutional and internal regulatory constraints
  • Providing updated information for constraints
  • Automatic controlling and reporting results