Infleks Operation

Infleks Operation

Infleks Operation is the administrative system that meets all the operational requirements of Banks, Brokerage Houses, Investment Companies, FX companies by:

  • Order following
  • Document recording order compatibility
  • Custodian service
  • Wealth/Portfolio Management
  • Intermediary to IPO and its financing
  • Integrations provided by banking applications
  • Internal auditing reportings
  • Efficiency and performance reportings
  • Parametric management of Credit, Short Sale and Borrowing transactions
  • Risk & Deposit management
  • Online web services with MKS and Takasbank

covering all instruments in domestic and foreign capital markets.

Why choosing Infleks Operation?

Can you meet all your operational requirements including foreign markets with a single product?
Working fully integrated with all actors of the markets INFLEKS Operation meets all your operational needs by providing data exchange with government and private institutions such as BisTech clearing application, MKK (Central Securities Depository of Turkey), Takasbank (Clearing, Settlement and Custody Bank Inc) and BIST (Borsa Istanbul).
Do operational processes cause an increase in your workload?
Transferring BIST market closings automatically, online account opening and matching with MKK, automatic settlement functions with Takasbank eliminates extra workload caused by operational works. It helps reduction of the personnel costs of operations.
Can you do extensive and online controls for a secure process auditing system?
It computes transaction limits before and during transactions due to operating customer definitions, assets and risks to provide a secure order management environment.
It saves investors IP’s for auditing and does online controls during the transactions.
Moreover, it controls transaction authorizations during these transactions extensively and reduces the costs arising from transaction authorizations.
Other user friendly features
INFLEKS Operation is compatible with web and mobile applications. You may send transaction results to investors via sms with its info sharing platform. You may send all reports in excel, csv or xml formats to investors and portfolio managers by e-mail.
Does your operational work slow down your workflow during market session?
Due to INFLEKS Trade’s independent working construction, your operational works do not block order transmission. You may meet your needs fast without postponing your operational decisions.
The processes it supports:
  • Equity shares, foreign equities, fixed income equities, funds, futures and options, precious metal transactions
  • Fx transactions
  • IPO and leadership
  • Cash and deposit calculations

Do you need more information about Infleks?

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