Our Message

Infina will always changes and be the leader of changes...

The world business sector today in both production and consumption sides, a digital transformation is in progress. Obviously, finance sector is a substantial part of this digital transformation. The important factor for the financial institutions is to comply themselves with these necessities of digital transformation in their own structures.

Infina with its digital transformation solutions is the technology partner of these financial companies, which have activities in investment banking. To fulfill this responsibility, Infina invested in high technology products, solutions and services.

With its modular architecture Infleks Product Family, guarantees quick and high quality service. Infleks’s integration capability, supported by various services provides user friendliness and increases profitability for the financial companies. The best proof of our success in this respect is our absolute customer satisfaction.

Infina aims to carry its existing success into future by investing in the artificial intelligence, robo-advisor and blockchain subjects in collaboration with prestigious universities. In consequences of these studies, the future Infleks products and services will keep progressing and carry Infina to be one of the leading fintech companies in Turkey. Infina will always changes and be the leader of changes.

Y. Nejat Özek
Chief Executive Officer