Infleks E-Ledger

Infleks E-Ledger

I It’s an electronic ledger application where e-ledger and certificates are created and saved in compliance with Turkish standards.

E-Ledger application, the use of which is made obligatory for taxpayers after 2014, requires institutions to prepare account book, account book signature, ledger, signed ledger files in determined standards. Infleks E-Ledger, meets these requirements fast, securely and with low costs, due to its independent database and operating system that is compatible with all accounting systems.

Why choosing Infleks E-Ledger?

Which precautions are you taking to provide a secure accounting auditing?
Providing certificates produced in standards of Revenue Administration, Infleks E-Ledger significantly reduces the taxpayers’ errors and prevents them from being fined.
Controls such as checking approved certificate file and Revenue Administration signature are created correctly are being done automatically.
Which precautions are you taking to reduce your account book costs?
By creating and saving certificates in digital environment, Infleks E-Ledger removes your hard-copy printing and approval liabilities and reduces your printing costs.
Could you save time and space for account book archive?
Certificate files that are sent to and approved by Revenue Administration are archived in digital environment in case of need to access. You may securely access the accounting data that you have archived by backing up in the database, file system or internet you want.
Does the signing process of certificate files lead to a time loss?
You avoid costs caused by signing processes due to approval of account books by time stamp and signing digitally with financial seal.

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