P M1 is a wealth management application that enables family offices, holdings, foundations or private banks to manage all financial and nonfinancial instruments on same platform.

PM1 is developed by Expersoft Systems AG, a Swiss Software Company that we have been collaborating since 2004.

Why choosing PM1?

Can you manage your all portfolios or all weath in same platform?
Family Offices: While you can manage all portfolios and their accounts in same platform, you can even analyse and report all your wealth consisting of financial assets and nonfinancial assets like real estates, art objects, precious metals and other valuable assets.
Portfolio Management Companies: While you can analyse both investment funds and pension funds, you can also manage and report your corporate and individual customer portfolios on same platform.
Do you know how much your yields for all portfolios periodically?
With PM1, you can report the yields of the wealth in family offices, the customers’ portfolios in private banking and the funds or portfolios in Portfolio Management Companies. The time weighed or money waighed returns calculate daily, monthly and yearly for all portfolios , underlying asset classes, assets, as well as consolidated levels.
Do you have all financial analysis that you need for taking an investment decision?
All functions that you need for an overall portfolio management are in PM1.
You can analyse and report model portfolio comparisons, benchmark comparisons and yields on all assets.
In volatile market conditions, how you can avoid risks?
PM1 has financial risk analysis and provides you with a secure transaction management with definable constraints.

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